40K Singles

The Warhammer 40,000 singles event will be held on Saturday November 23rd 2019 at the Croatian Cultural Centre, in Vancouver. 

A list of registered players can be found here

Order of business

Registration is at 10.30

Game 1 is 11:00 sharp until 13:00
Lunch is 13:00 to 14:30
Game 2 is 14:30 sharp until 16:30
Game 3 is 17:00 sharp until 19:00
Prizes and awards at 18.30 or earlier if I can get it done! 

Three games at 1500 points. Games will be played on a 4×6 table. 

If I find that everyone is finished game 1 in a lot less time that 120 minutes, I’ll mess with the schedule and add a fourth game. Just to tire you all out. 

Army composition. We’re (mostly) all big boys who know when and when not to bring filthy broken lists to fun charity events.  The ONLY caveats I have are 

  • 1500 points
  • 3 detachments maximum, Battle forged only. No single models over 700 points. No ridiculous garbage. Use your heads, it’s for charity. There are caveats for older models that are overcosted for what they offer.  The Stompa and the Harridan, for instance.  Contact me!
  • Forgeworld is fine, but again don’t be That Guy, its for charity
  • Tabling your opponent does not automatically give you a win, however it does count as extra Victory points, these will be detailed in each specific mission. You can still lose on points even if you table your opponent!
  • With GW’s September FAQ due out well in time for this event, we will of course be implementing it. That said there are certain rules we may alter for “charity purposes only” to make list building and spammy garbage less prevalent. Any and all potential changes will be made with an atmosphere of balanced and friendly competition as the driving factor behind the decisions.
  • Watch this space for more info!

We will play with the very latest books and FAQ, except for anything that is released on the day. That’s silly.  Just don’t bring any filth, or even any hot garbage. I will name you, and we will point at you. Like this.

Please send your lists as soon as you are able. The deadline is November 10th.

When you write your lists, please make sure that all wargear and points values are present, and that you place units in their formations and detachments as you format your list.  This helps your opponent understand the list too. 
You will need to bring a copy of your list for each of your opponents with all wargear and EVERYTHING on it.  Don’t just write” Tactical Squad w/meltagun  265 points”

On the day, you will need:

Your fancy dandy army decks.
Army lists – enough for you, me and your opponents.
Dice, measuring device.
Rulebooks – you need to have the books, or your iPad version.
A PEN! You’d be surprised.
I’ll laugh if you bring templates. 
Bring whatever display board that you think your army will look good on.

We’ll have awards for 
Best Overall
Favourite Army

Any questions, just hit me up at [email protected] 🙂