40K Team Players

The following teams are registered for the Team Event on November 24th

  1. The Fancy Lads!
    William Matthews
    Linton Harrison
    Chris Jones
  2. A-Club Underdogs
    Ryan Longair
    Jason Dyer
    Nick Daniels
  3. Dice Jam
    Derek Greenaway
    Andy Snowden
    Ben Stolb
  4.  The Three Masques
    Garry Sacco
    Owen Curtis
    Rupert Campbell
  5. Team Hella Awesome
    Stephen Wilhite
    Mike Bunz
    Ian McMurchy
  6. Team SuperAwesome
    JT McDowell
    James Jones
    Mubin Talati
  7.  Whelming Firepower
    Anthony van Poppelen – Death Guard
    Andrew Pack – Astra Militarum
    Rudy Goeres – Tyranids
    Above teams all get $20 in tickets per player – price change cutoff
  8.  Cocked Dice
    Darren Kelly – Tyranids
    Brad Ingram – Orks
    Tanner Hill – Janitors
  9.  The Nerd Council
    Kasra Houshidar – Captain
    Chris Grant
    Dirk Ord
  10.  IHOQ Escapees
    Nick Riley
    Scott Riley
    Kyle Berndt
  11. Some dudes
    Brent Mooney
    Nick Froese
    Tak Kawana
  12.  D6 Gaming
    Chris Heathe
    Ken Wei
    Tom Guo