About Foodhammer

Foodhammer came about as the result of a bouncing ball thought process from my son entering kindergarten. I noticed that some of the children in the class came from families that had financial hardship. I thought about how lucky I am to have what I do have, and I decided that I wanted to give something back. I wasn’t sure how to for a while.

Tabletop wargaming is not cheap, we all know that! We’re fortunate to have the disposable income with which to buy models, rulesets, paints, cards and everything that goes along with our hobbies. Those who visit the food bank to help their families get what they need do not.  In early 2011 I was thinking about the lower mainland of British Columbia not having a wargaming event in the late autumn or in winter.  The two trains of thought came together and Foodhammer was born.

The management of GameStars kindly offered the use of their store for the first year. We had 40K and Warhammer Fantasy on a weekend in late November and we raised over two thousand dollars for the Langley Food Bank.  It was a great success and everyone jumped on board eagerly.

As the years have passed, interest in various systems has waxed and waned, and we’ve tried to cater to that with adding and removing various game systems. We’ve used different venues as well and always found more success than we ever thought we’d have.  We’ll always try to keep it fresh, interesting, and fun because we want people to want to come back!

2018’s events pushed our running total past $37,500. It still amazes me!

Watch the site and the news posts. Watch the Facebook page and the Twitter. Occasionally (i.e. when I remember) I’ll be Instagramming too.

I hope to see you at one of the events

Chris Jones