Foodhammer Sponsors


Seriously, without the help and support from local businesses, industry professionals, and friends of the event (sometimes they are all three at once!), we would not be abl to make Foodhammer as successful as it has been. I owe each and every entitty that offers prize support or some other way of helping to make the event run more smoothly a debt of gratitude.  I would ask that you visit the following sponsors for this year’s events, and spend some of your money with them!  Sponsors, thank you. You are all wonderful people

Blake and Rob run the friendliest local game store in the area! Nestled close to the north end of the (free to cross) Goldenears Bridge, the store has long opening hours, a wide variety of activities, special offers and events and you can find many items at a discount that you may not find anywhere else! 

Check out their Facebook page for details of the latest shenanigans!

Imperial Hobbies has been in the business of stepping up and supplying our hobby needs for the last 31 years and they’re doing a fine job!  They carry rulebooks, models, and accessories for many game systems. Comics, trade paperbacks, scale models, race track sets, collectible card games, board games galore! It is a great place to shop and the staff are knowledgeable and friendly.

They have been a supporter of Foodhammer since its inception, as well as many other events around the lower mainland. Indeed a pillar of the community

Strategies Games & Hobbies is at 3878 Main St in Vancouver and that store is packed full of quality product, ranging from Board Games to RPGs to Miniatures Games and all the traditional games too. Hobby Supplies are in fine supply too.

Strategies hosts many fun game events each month. They have “learn to play” events for board games and miniatures games, “open board game nights,” tournaments, and painting events.

 As well as shopping at their store, you can order online at their website.