As usual we are graciously hosted by The Connection Games & Hobbies.  Please spend some of your money at the register to show your support and gratitude to the store for their help!

The event will be held on Sunday November 3rd 

Paid players list –
Chris Jones, Mark Handford, Jamie Stockdale, Linton Harrison, Ambrose Inghram, Tao Breese
Rae Bannon, Lee Baxter, Nick Daniels, Dan Miner, Corey Wilke, Troy Howells, Les Sohier, Thomas Fisher


Registration: 9.30 to 10

Game 1: 10am to noon
LUNCH: noon til 1pm 
Game 2: 1pm to 3pm
BREAK 3pm to 3:15
Game 3: 3:15 to 5:15
Prizes and awards: 5:30 to finish


M3E IS IN THE HOUSE! It’s an ideal opportunity to get together and have some fun playing against different factions and crews. Excitement!

DEAD MANS HAND is allowed, with the caveat that you don’t take advantage of some janky BS hidden rules loophole which makes us ban them in the future. 

Game size will be 50ss.
You must select one Faction to use for all of the games.
Proxies for models are allowed, so long as it is readily apparent which model they represent. If in doubt, check with the organisers in advance! Painting is encouraged, but not required. It’s for a good cause!

Strategy & Schemes:

The organizer will determine a Strategy and Scheme Pool for all players to use prior to each game.


Best Gunslinger – Highest score in “Battle Points”
Best Storyteller – Highest favorite opponent score
Best Crew Presentation – Highest crew presentation score

Battle Points are Win = 3pts, Draw = 1pts, and Loss = 0pts


There will be prizes to be raffled off, bring in cash donations to purchase raffle tickets and put those tickets towards whichever prize you want!